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August 27
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Felicia/The Lady
Creator: :iconlady-n-gentleman:
Voice Actress: Tara Strong (because everyone is voiced by Tara Strong)

The cult that had given birth to the Gentleman had a backup plan, just in case he wasn't the messiah their prophecy foretold. From the same family tree, they reenacted the same ritual to seal a dark and powerful malevolence (dubbed She Who Dances on Corpses)... this time, in the body of a baby girl named Felicia. In the event the Gentleman turn away from the plans of the Order, she would not only kill him, but take his place. Unfortunately for them, as the years went by, she proved to be... a different animal than her cousin. 

For instance, her first words were, "Zero fucks!"

It was an omen for what was to come. 

She was rebellious; she cared little for the organization's goals or machinations; she lived life as she wanted, all according to her own whims. Unlike her cousin, who embraced ordered chaos, she embodied the other end of the spectrum... and far more difficult to control than the brotherhood had fully anticipated. 

When the Gentleman rebelled and killed off 75% of the brotherhood in one night, the remaining 25% attempted to persuade Felicia to turn against her family... they underestimated, however, how much she loved him. 

The remaining 25% grounded into bone and powder, Felicia - now calling herself the Lady - set off, free and independent... to create any amount of chaos she wanted and could possibly conceive! Whether it was something small like ensuring the popularity of a talentless Canadian or a Mormon with a repressed sexual libido get her pseudo-erotic dream journals published publicly, or setting off forest fires and a slew of natural disasters, the Lady delighted in her true nature as a force of chaos. To her, it was life itself. After all, life was chaos, just as erratic, just as patternless and just as wonderfully varied. Nothing was going to put a pin in her fun...

Until the Gentleman himself came to face her, for the destruction she had wrought on humanity. Feeling she needed to be stopped, the two had a magical duel, ending with the older of the two sealing Felicia away into a pocket dimension, as far away from humanity as physically possible within the confines of time and space. 

... This lasted all of two years. She broke out when she noticed how much fun Gentleman was having with his own brand of ordered chaos... running these matches between icons in popular culture across the multiverse, hanging out with new friends who seemed like such fun company. Bored where she was, she busted out like a bat out of a hell, crashed into the Gentleman's life... and immediately applied to be a host, with the condition that she turn over a new leaf and focus her predisposition to causing mass chaos in a healthier outlet... like arranging more localized chaos, i.e. setting up the stage for two random people across the multiverse to beat the ever living shit out of each other, with all the death and collateral damage that would entail. 

It suited Lady just fine. It was just as nourishing.

As a threat befell the Station, that threatened the lives of all her new friends... and the new fun she was having? Well, she wasn't going to stand by and tolerate that bullshit. 

The Lady gripped her axe, snorted a line of coke off the bountiful tits of a random hooker for good luck, and made her way... to the Death Battle Royale. 

Weapons: The Lady's Favour - Lady's choice of close range/long range weapon. An oversized musket rifle with an equally oversized attached bayonet that fires shots of charged chaos energy. Lady can create more at rapid speed to affect a semblance of high velocity fire. Can also be charged to create deadlier, more explosive blasts.

The Whip of Pain & Pleasure - Lady's mid-range weapon. For mid-to-long range combat, this chaos magic-infused strand of leather is more than capable of sending all foes into a world of agony.


Costume 1: Elegant Gothic Lolita, almost resembles a french maid uniform
Costume 2: Juliet Starling, (Lollipop Chainsaw)
Costume 3: American McGee's Alice
Costume 4: Bayonetta
Costume 5: Mami Toemoe (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)


Intro Quotes
"For the next two minutes, you're officially my bitch."
"Just so you know, a safeword isn't going to get you out of this."
"When I'm done with you, you're going to be begging for more."
"Sup, bitches?"

Outro Quotes
"Well, I hope you enjoyed this session as much I did!"
"By the way, the safeword was donkeypunch."
"What's that? You need another whipping? I can help with that!"

Special Character Intros
(To Edge) "Bad kitty, bad!"
(To Wendy) "So... wanna do anything after this?"
(To Madness Abe) "Bring it, wannabe!"
(To The Gentleman) "I hate family drama, don't you?"
(To Haku) "So... Wendy single?"

Special Character Outros
(To Edge) "Aww, he's all tuckered out."
(To Wendy) "My place? 6-ish?"
(To Madness Abe) "I'm the real king of madness around here, bitch!"
(To Haku) "I'll take your silence as a yes!"

  • Whip it Good - Basic whip attacks, excellent for maintaining combo chains. 
  • A Weapon From a More Civilized Age - Takes aim and fires an explosive charge of chaos energy with the musket
  • Bayonet Ya! - A dashing lunging-piercing stab
  • Ch-Ch-Ch-CHERRY BOMB! - Charges up musket for a certain period of time, Samus Aran style, and upon firing it, creates a massive fireball of pink chaos energy. Causes great splash damage.
  • Petticoat Storm - Spin attack, becomes a tornado of frills... and gunfire, creating multiple clones of the musket for rapid fire attacks.
  • Tentacle Hentai - A temporary mode where she sprouts slimy tentacles from her back and uses them instead of the whip. Same function. Also makes for fun new grapples and grab attacks that are very, very, very suggestive. 
  • Submission - With the whip, subdues an opponent, locks them with her hypnotic gaze, attempting to lull them to sleep or blind obedience. Characters are basically catatonic after this. 
  • Dominatrix Doppleganger - In this form, suddenly dons BDSM leather gear... and a shadow clone. Whip attacks are now faster. 
Ultimate Move

The Lovecraft Tango - Transforms into her monstrous visage, going One Winged Angel on her foes... an amorphous, terrifying, geometry-defying, eldritch, cancerous mass of gaping maws filled with sharp teeth, tentacles, creepy crawlies, unholy ruby-like eyes, claws, bats, and just about everything that has ever creeped the hell out of humanity. If a player is caught in its path, K.O., they're swallowed into an unholy abyss from which their sanity might never recover. 
So, guys, what do you think?
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GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
Since I used Edward, Morrigan, and KOS-MOS as hosts, could you come up with quotes aimed at them? I think Lady interacting with them, especially the former two, would a lot of fun.
LordXamweth Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
Um, excuse me, but if this were a video game, would the fighting be done in a 2D style (Tekken, Street Fighter) or a 3D style (Castlevania: Judgement, Dissidia) arena?
Lady-n-Gentleman Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
Kinda torn between Soulcalibur and Dissidia.
LordXamweth Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
So, basically, fighting IN a 3D arena WITH a SoulCalibur-esque gameplay style? Is that what you're saying?
Lady-n-Gentleman Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
What? No, no, more along the lines of a typical SoulCal-set up or a 3D arena set up.
LordXamweth Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
Oh, I think I get it; so basically it could go either way?
Lady-n-Gentleman Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
Yeah, why not?
LordXamweth Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014

Though I'm personally hoping for the 3D arena setup as I think it allows more options for combat.
WhiteRavenLord Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Okay now I have to make a profile for myself, it is too good of an opportunity not to take.
WhiteRavenLord Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I kinda want to make my own profile now. >>
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